Beautiful Quartz Vanity Styles For Every Interior by Imperial Vanities (PART-1)

bathroom vanity style by imperial vanities

Quartz Countertops are quite popular among designers and homeowners and a major addition for good kitchen designs. A surface that is resistant to staining and scratching, is an ideal choice for busy areas and perfect for a hassle free living.

This utterly beautiful and versatile stone is a great surface for bath vanities as well. Quartz is low maintenance and doesn’t get affected by materials such as toothpaste or makeup. Also its an engineered stone having a wide variety of colors and patterns from which you can choose and experiment according to your design preferences.

Here we have quartz vanity tops and countertop designs for you to take inspiration from.

Trending Contemporary Interiors: 

Contemporary style bathrooms are popular among the masses. They usually involve clean and simplistic patterns and require a material that can suit its style. You can install wall hung vanities with wooden cabinetry and a sleek quartz countertop. Dark shades such as Mystic Grey, Piatra Grey are a great pick and perfect for creating a contrasting and minimal look.

The Transitional Shift:

Here’s the tea; most bathrooms have interiors somewhere in between traditional and contemporary. This type of design is termed as ,’TRANSITIONAL’, consisting of a setup inspired from traditional style but in a more simplified way. You can have a vanity with drawers for sufficient storage, along with a quartz countertop with fewer viens like Grigio Londra and Desert Tan, in order to blend with the detailed interior.

Stay in tuned for our next write up for more design inspirations.

Source: Imperial Vanities

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At Imperial Vanities, we inspire ourselves and borrow from the tremendous bounties and gifts from Mother Nature to create sumptuous and lavish natural surfaces that brighten up the various spaces that we inhabit- be it our homes, offices.

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