Popular Edge Styles For Quartz Countertops by Imperial Vanities (Part-1)

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When it comes to choosing an edge profile for countertops, it’s important that you select a functional material that matches the space’s aesthetic and also allows it to be molded in different edges. Quartz is a perfect surfacing material for the purpose with a variety of edge styles because it is durable, long lasting and consists of numerable varieties. Below, we discuss different types of quartz countertop edges that are best for your kitchen style.

Eased Edges: Eased edges are great for small size kitchens having a simple and elegant design. They have a slightly rounded corner, which makes it a safe and comfortable installation for a busy area. Being one of the most popular edges, they work with every interior style from contemporary to traditional.

Half Bullnose: Half Bullnose edges have a delicate curve on a wide angle with a flat bottom. This is a good choice for classic kitchen designs and works well when combined with fabricated quartz countertops.

Full Bullnose: These edges are curved at both top and bottom for a clean and even finish. Although they work well with any countertop material, quartz makes the design look flawless and elegant.

Stay in tune for more interesting and different edge styles.

Source: Imperial Vanities

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At Imperial Vanities, we inspire ourselves and borrow from the tremendous bounties and gifts from Mother Nature to create sumptuous and lavish natural surfaces that brighten up the various spaces that we inhabit- be it our homes, offices.

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